Nice to meet you!

Spa Dog is under the direction of Animal Care Specialist Steve Ogden. He grew up in San Diego, California and relocated to Los Angeles to attend Art Center College of Design. Steve moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in the television business. He owned Hollywood's Third Street Sound, an audio post-production facility whose client shows included World of Discovery, National Geographic, Rescue 911, and Cops. Under Steve's direction, his company won seven Emmy Awards for sound design and three Peabody Awards for educational programming. It was while working on his last project, a documentary entitled "Why Dogs Smile and Elephants Cry"; for the Discovery Channel, that he decided to create a new direction in his life. Steve went to work with his original love, animals. He studied with renowned Animal Care Specialist Judy Johannsson and Award Winning Groomer Ann Oakner. He is a master groomer and is Certified AKC Poodle Groomer. His special interest is in animal massage, holistic medicine and animal behavior. Steve manages the daily operation of Spa Dog and resides in the Hollywood Hills.


What's a Mobile Salon?

Our mobile salon was custom designed specifically for Spa Dog. The mobile spa is equipped with the latest technology and newest equipment available. 


Hydrotherapy Bathing System
Cutting edge hydrotherapy bathing system combines the therapeutic concepts of Whirlpool baths and a Jacuzzi spa. Invigorating jet action removes loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest coat possible while massaging away aches and pains.

Advanced Air Circulation System
To ensure year-round comfort, our spa has central air conditioning
and thermostatically controlled heat. Electrical power is supplied by an onboard generator.

Hot Water & Filtered Soft Water
Our salon is equipped with a hot water heater to ensure a comfortable water temperature for your pet. The water tanks are filled with filtered soft water daily leaving your pet's coat soft, silky and shiny. 

Stainless Steel Tub 
Used by veterinarians, this non-bacteria harboring stainless steel surface is smooth, allowing us to effectively sanitize between treatments.